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What is the Best Grain Free Wet Dog Food?

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Looking for the best grain free wet dog food? It’s easier than ever these days, thanks to its growing popularity! Today, I’ll tell you what to look for on those ingredients labels and why it may be a great option for your pooch! Wet food can be an excellent option for smaller dogs or dogs that have a tendency to bloat. These days, even dogs that have food issues can have wet food.

There’s quite a variety of grain free wet food out there, so you’ll plenty of options to choose from. Another good thing is that they all get consistently high scores from those who’ve purchased the food. So the question becomes one not so much of which food is best – because they’re all excellently rated. The question becomes which ingredients are best for your dog.

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What is the Best Grain Free Wet Dog Food Food?

If your dog has food allergies or sensitivities, grain free is always the way to go. Grain is usually one – and often the biggest – offender in most dogs with allergies or sensitivities. This is because a dog was not meant to process grain. In the wild, a canine’s only source of carbs come from the stomach contents of their kills, and I don’t know of many wild animals that are out there grazing on soy, wheat, or corn. It’s usually prairie grass, berries, and the leaves of trees and bushes. I actually strongly advocate for a grain free diet for all dogs because it’s just plain better for them.

So if you’re going grain free, consider what else your dog may need when looking at a grain free wet food.

Low Calorie

I always start out by pointing out the importance of low calorie, but this time, it’s a bit different. Because wet food is predominantly water, keeping the calories low is easier. It also falls to the owner. When feeding wet food, it can be easy to overfeed, because it’s so watery. Just remember to calculate calories. Never feed your dog as much as he wants. Most dogs are pigs! 😉

It’s important to keep your dog at a healthy weight, because overweight dogs are more prone to diabetes, cancer, and joint and tendon problems down the line.

Joint and Tendon Issues

For any medium or large breed dog and dog breeds that are prone to joint issues, it’s important to feed a grain free wet food that has ingredients to support joint and tendon health. That begins with monitoring calories as I mentioned above.

After that, you’ll want to look for foods that have Omega fatty acids. These could either be foods that have added omega fatty acids or that feature fish as the main protein source. Omega fatty acids reduce whole body inflammation which can help keep joints moving better and reducing any inflammation in tendons.

Skin and Coat Health

If you have a dog with skin and coat issues – and if you’re looking the best grain free wet dog food, you probably do – you’ll again want to look for a food with added Omega fatty acids or fish as a main protein source. In addition to promoting joint health, Omega fatty acids promote healthy skin cell growth and a shinier, healthier coat.


Antioxidants are an important part of any dog’s diet. As I’ve mentioned in previous articles, all dogs are more likely to get cancer as they age. Antioxidants help combat free radicals in your dog’s body, which can help decrease the chances of your dog developing cancer. In addition to a reduction in the likelihood of cancer, the free radical destruction provided by antioxidants helps keep all the cells in your dog’s body healthier longer, which is always a good thing.

Look for a food with ingredients like berries or with an “antioxidant complex” this is just a fancy term for added vitamins and minerals which combat free radicals. Another interesting side note is that, although not antioxidants themselves, omega fatty acids have been shown to increase the efficacy of antioxidants. So combining these two ingredients is always a good idea.

Grain Free Wet Food Brands

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There are several excellent brands of grain free wet food that you can begin your search with. While I don’t promote one of these brands over the other, all of them have received consistently high marks from both consumers and vets.

Find a Grain Free Wet Food that Suits Your Dog’s Needs

When looking for a grain free wet food, look for ingredients that support your dog’s particular needs. In general, you’ll find overlapping ingredients, because no one thing is good for only one thing. That’s great because you’ll get extra benefits from each source. As always, begin your search for grain free wet food by speaking with your vet.

Do you have an opinion on the best grain free wet dog food? Share in the comments!

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