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What is the Best Dog Food for Shedding Labs?

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Looking for the best dog food for shedding labs?

You may be in luck. Sort of. You’ll see why in a minute.  A shedding Lab is a virtual hair machine. These guys shed twice a year, and they shed a lot. And while there are a lot of questions in the forums from new owners about getting shedding to stop, the simple fact is, it won’t. A shedding Lab is a Lab that is alive. They are genetically hard wired to shed an enormous amount twice a year, and in between, they’ll still drop hair.

So rather than food that prevents shedding, the question becomes how to feed a nutritious, healthy food that supports your dog’s skin and coat to reduce unneeded shedding, flaking, and skin which is vulnerable to irritation.

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What is the best dog food for shedding labs?

So Labs are shedding machines – there’s no getting around that – and no matter what you do, you won’t really be able to reduce their shedding by a whole heck of a lot. BUT… what you can do is feed them food that keeps their skin and coat as healthy as possible to at least reduce shedding due to improper diet. You’ll also be protecting them against skin problems, which Labs can have issues with.

Low Calorie

Low calories make the tippy top of my food for the shedding Lab list. Low calories make the top of every list, in fact. An obese dog is more prone to diabetes, cancer, and joint and tendon issues. Since Labs can be cancer factories when they get old and they’re a larger breed, it’s important to keep them thin and trim to promote prolonged health.

Omega Fatty Acids

Omega fatty acids are vital to a shedding Lab, or any dog in general, really. Omega fatty acids support healthy skin and promote healthy cell growth. Also, they strengthen the skin, which helps prevent hot spots and mitigate allergy problems. Look for a food with added omega fatty acids or with fish as the main protein source.

High-Quality Ingredients

One of the key things to look for in a dog food fro a shedding Lab, or any breed, is a food made with high-quality ingredients. Shedding is a fact of life for most dog owners, but a dog that isn’t as healthy as he could be can sometimes lose extra hair. One of the best ways to promote better health is to get a food made with better ingredients. Look for foods that are free of meat by-products as well as corn meal, corn, or gluten as main ingredients. Instead look for foods with protein sources which have no added words, for example, “chicken” as opposed to “chicken by-product.”

Feed Your Shedding Lab the Right Food

Even though it won’t actually stop him from shedding. 😉 The one thing it will do is cause your shedding Lab to be much healthier and happier. And sometimes, you might get just a touch less shedding. My best advice to anyone who owns a Lab is this: get an EXCELLENT vacuum. You’re going to need it!

Do you have an opinion on the best dog food for shedding labs? Share in the comments!

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