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What are the Best Grain Free Dog Food Brands?

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With so many options out there, finding the best grain free dog food brands seems like a massive undertaking. Today, I’m going to help you determine which ingredients you need to look for on those labels to feed your dog the best possible diet.  Grain free has been my mantra since before I started writing for Dogvills. Dogs who eat this type of food are at a decreased risk of developing allergies to the grain and gluten in most foods. Which means that they’re also at a decreased risk for all the problems that go along with food allergies. Grain free food is always my first choice of diet when it comes to my dogs, and I can tell a difference.

Why is Grain Free So Important

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Dog food that is free of grain is important because it’s something that should never have been done in the first place. The addition of grain, corn, gluten, soy, and the like are all done to make the food more cheaply, not because our dogs need it. In the wild, canines get all of their carbs from the stomach contents of their kills, which is generally prairie grass, leaves, and other things that the downed prey has grazed upon. It is never wheat, corn, or anything like that.

Grain is a completely foreign thing to any canine, which is why so many dogs are allergic to grain. Their bodies weren’t meant to process it. So when many dogs eat grain, their bodies say, “Get that out of here!” That’s when you get things like red, inflamed skin; chronic ear infections; and excessive itching and scratching.

What is the Best Grain Free Dog Food Brands?

So, this may shock you, but today, I’m going to move away from my “no picking favorites” policy. This is mainly due to popular demand. So many people want to read about which brands are best – understandably. And there ARE some stinkers our there. So I feel like I should just give in and present a list of the best grain free dog food brands out there. These brands all consistently get 4 or more stars from hundreds and sometimes thousands of consumer reviews.

Natural Balance

I’ve been feeding my dog Natural Balance grain free dog food for years, and it’s served me well. It serves others well, too. Natural Balance has a wide variety of grain free options in both wet and dry, and they are all excellent quality.

Blue Buffalo

I remember a few years ago when Blue Buffalo was an upstart dog food company that I’d never heard of before. These days, this company is one of the leaders in high-quality grain free dog food. Like Natural Balance, they have a good selection in both dry and wet varieties.


Canidae’s grain free food routinely gets very high marks. While they don’t have quite as many options as Natural Balance or Blue Buffalo, they are highly regarded for their food’s quality.


I just discovered Wellness food a few months ago, and what I’ve seen is impressive. Their food always receives exceptionally high marks for taste, quality, and improvement in skin conditions. Their biggest seller seems to be Lamb & Oatmeal, a classic grain free variety.


Merrick is an excellent food, receiving great marks, and one that I personally love. The thing about Merrick food that I love so much is that they include ingredients to help bolster your dog’s health needs. They add things like vegetables and fruits to add vitamins and antioxidants in a more natural way.

Grain Free Options You Can’t Go Wrong With

The companies listed above are known for the quality of their grain free food both in the veterinary world and by consumers. Any one of them would be a great pick for you and your dog. I encourage you to go online and research these brands to find the grain free option that’s right for your pooch. Remember: Grain Free is the Way to Be. 😉

Feel like you already feed your dog the best grain free dog food brands? Tell us what it is in the comments!

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