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What Are The Best Dog Kibble Toppers?

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If you are looking for a way to spice up your dog’s boring old dry food, check out these 5 great dog kibble toppers!  We add spices and things to our food for taste right?  Dogs like to have flavor too!  Although they don’t need all the extra preservatives and additives, so we aren’t talking about adding salt to his kibble here. Check out the question that inspired this post, then read on for healthier ways to top your dog’s kibble!

Best kibble toppers? Looking for more things to put on kibble to “spice” it up so its not so boring for the pups. Currently rotate using: -cracked egg, -plain yogurt, coconut oil, wet food.

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5 Great Kibble Toppers for Your Dog

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Omega 3 oil

 The benefits of Omega 3 are so great!  It will help him to have healthy joints, a lovely looking coat, and his skin will benefit too!  You can use a variety of things to get Omega-3 to top your dog’s kibble.  You can alternate between salmon oil, pollock oil and extra virgin olive oil.  

Bone broth

Using bone broth as a kibble topper may make the kibble easier to digest, in addition to being a nice little treat on top of his kibble.  Not to mention, bone broth is an excellent source of calcium for your dog, helping his bones stay nice and strong.  Bone broth is also a good source of protein.  We all could use a little more protein right?   

Bahia-Blue’s Pure Fish Flakes

 Your dogs will go nutty over these flakes!  Fish is great for dogs and a nice treat on top of their kibble.  Don’t toss the bag when it’s gone, sprinkle those tiny little pieces over his food!  Check it out and order it online

Kibble Seasoning

You season your own food, right?  Why not season your dog’s boring old kibble.  Herbsmith has a line called Smiling Dog.  You can check them out on Amazon and place an order! 

Plain Yogurt

Yogurt is great!  But make sure it is the plain ole boring kind.  Anything else will have additives that he doesn’t need (and is not necessarily good for you!)  Topping your dog’s kibble with plain yogurt may even help gastrointestinal problems.  The probiotics in yogurt help with digestion.  It is also helpful if you have an overweight dog who needs to cut back on his calories.  Yogurt gives you the ‘full’ feeling for a longer period (it’s the protein).

Be sure to read labels before topping your dog’s food with anything, especially if your dog has allergies.  You want to be sure you are not only giving him a tasty little treat but giving him good things for his diet (like the probiotics in yogurt).

 What are some other things you have used as dog kibble toppers?  Share with us in the comment section below!

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