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The Beginner’s Guide to Grooming Senior Dogs

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You don’t have to attend a 2-year dog grooming academy to learn how to groom a dog. The most valuable trait you need is a willingness to learn.

The fact is, grooming a senior dog is different than grooming a pup. And as you know, every dog breed has their own individual conditions and temperaments. Combine both and you’ve got quite the grooming job ahead of you!

If you’re interested in grooming more than just your own dog, you may consider taking a professional dog grooming course. You’ll learn how to navigate all the technical nuances for grooming different breeds and adapt it to a senior dog’s needs.

Before you enroll, here’s a sneak peek of the course! We’re going to go over the basics of grooming your elderly companion. Stick around!

What’s a senior dog?

Dogs that are over nine years old are generally considered to be senior dogs. Of course, some dogs have longer life expectancies compared to others. In particular, small dogs will most likely outlive a larger dog of the same age. As an example, a Chihuahua, whose life expectancy is 15-18 years, would be considered a senior dog after age 11.

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