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The 75 Best Indian Dog Names

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Naming your dog is one popular way to reflect your heritage, and Indian dog names are a great way to show off your passion for your background—or just your love for Indian culture in general. Whether you’re looking to celebrate your favorite Indian cuisine (samosas, chutney and masala chai, yum!) or you’re highlighting the beauty of Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, or ancient Sanskrit, we’ve got plenty of options for your new dog to inspire you.

We selected our favorite dog names from India through a combination of outside research and digging through our Rover.com database of dog names nationwide. Many of these names aren’t heard very often at the dog park, while others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

  1. Adil (sincere)
  2. Akash (the sky)
  3. Amir (rich)
  4. Amiya (delight)
  5. Arjun (white)
  6. Asha (hope/desire)
  7. Bala (young girl)
  8. Baloo (bear from The Jungle Book)
  9. Bandar (monkey)
  10. Bangle
  11. Bari (great)
  12. Batuk (boy)
  13. Beta (son)
  14. Bolly (like Bollywood)
  15. Cardamom
  16. Cashmere
  17. Chai
  18. Champak (flower)
  19. Chandra (shining moon)
  20. Chutney
  21. Cinnamon
  22. Clove
  23. Coconut
  24. Dakshi (“The Glorious”)
  25. Delhi
  26. Devi (goddess)
  27. Dosa (crispy flatbread)
  28. Falgun (spring)
  29. Goa (beautiful beach)
  30. Haddi (bone)
  31. Hardik (sincere)
  32. Holi (spring festival celebration)
  33. Indra (rainbow)
  34. Jasmine
  35. Jihan (cosmos)
  36. Karma
  37. Kumar (prince)
  38. Kutta (dog)
  39. Ladki (girl)
  40. Lalasa (love)
  41. Lalit (handsome)
  42. Lamba (long—for a Dachshund perhaps?)
  43. Mani (jewel)
  44. Marigold
  45. Masala
  46. Mohan (attractive)
  47. Mowgli (boy in The Jungle Book)
  48. Naan
  49. Namaste
  50. Nirav (still/calm)
  51. Pakora (delicious fritter)
  52. Palm
  53. Paneer
  54. Parth (warrior prince)
  55. Pashmina
  56. Raja (king)
  57. Rohit (red)
  58. Saffron
  59. Sakari (lovely)
  60. Samosa
  61. Silk
  62. Smita (happy face)
  63. Sona (golden)
  64. Spice
  65. Sumit (best friend, awww!)
  66. Sundar (beautiful)
  67. Tara (star)
  68. Tiger
  69. Toddy (alcoholic beverage)
  70. Turmeric
  71. Typhoon
  72. Vindaloo
  73. Yasti (slim—for those pups on the thinner side!)
  74. Yoga
  75. Yogi

Top 5 Most Popular Female Indian Dog Names

In Rover’s top 1000 dog names database

  • Jasmine
  • Karma
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut
  • Tara

Top 5 Most Popular Male Indian Dog Names

In Rover’s top 1000 dog names database

  • Tiger
  • Yogi
  • Baloo (from The Jungle Book)
  • Mowgli (also from The Jungle Book)
  • Raja (king)

Choosing the Perfect Indian Dog Name

Still not satisfied? The best Indian dog names might come from history, art, celebrity culture, fashion, fine dining, and even your family tree. Most of all, be sure your dog name choice is a good fit for you and your pet because you’ll be saying it … a lot.

Naming your dog is just the beginning of your journey together! Use your imagination, have fun, and test out your favorite choices with your new dog to see which one sticks. Sometimes it simply comes down to that. Whether you’re adopting an older dog or looking for a puppy name, try calling out your favorite options and see which one sounds best.

For more inspiration and ideas, check out our list of unique names for dogs, along with cute choices, tough dog names, and many more.

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