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My Honest Review of QC’s Dog Grooming Course

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The student experience at an online dog grooming academy

My tutors gave me very honest feedback. They told me point blank what they liked and didn’t like. It’s not always easy hearing how you messed up on something, but it teaches you to become stronger and to keep practicing until you get it right.

I found the tutors very nice and personal. They always had something nice to say, even when they were telling me about something I did wrong. It takes a couple of days to get your marks back, which for me, I’m impatient, so it seemed like forever. But you could tell they would always take time to do it as soon as possible.

The same tutors were the instructors in the videos. They were very well spoken and gave great instructions. There was never a time where I was confused about what they were talking about or demonstrating. The hands-on videos had lots of visual content and showed you just about everything you needed to know for your assignments. They go over how to handle your dog grooming clients properly—this is especially helpful if you’ve never been in a grooming setting before.

My favorite part? The hands-on grooming practice

My favorite part of the dog grooming course was the practicum. It wasn’t easy finding the right dogs for my grooming assignments, but it was fun and so worth it in the end. The practicum gives you an introduction to how the professional dog grooming experience is actually going to be like. I feel that people often think, “Oh, it’s an online course. I won’t be able to learn anything,” when you actually learn a ton.

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