Man Comes Up With A Brilliant Idea To Build Cat Shelters That's Easier Than You Have Ever Imagined

09 February 2017 460 views
In the cold nights of winter, pets always search for a warm place to stay in it. This creative idea comes from one of the pet lovers. He used a couple plastic containers and some hay to build an outdoor cat shelter. It is very easy to make one like this to present it to pets in this freezing temperature. This man also gives the instructions to make the shelter in points. 1. You can use a hairdryer to warm the plastic up before cutting out the holes to make it easier
2. You can use Styrofoam or insulation board instead of straw
3.  Use the straw and not hay! - Hay soaks up moisture which makes the shelter cold and can also get moldy
4. You can add a second entrance/exit to the shelter if you're worried about predators in your area, I chose not to since this cut down on the insulation of the shelter a lot
5. You can add plastic flaps to the entries/exits to help keep drafts out. If you like the video do not forget to share with pet lovers.