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Is Mobile Grooming for You?

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Less-stressed Canine Clients

As a certified dog groomer, you know that many dogs can get overwhelmed and anxious when visiting the groomer. By travelling to their home environment, they’ll likely be a lot more comfortable! Additionally, you’ll likely only groom one dog at a time. This will limit distractions and stress for the dog, and, therefore, make your job easier, too.

The Cons

Limited Space

Between driving and grooming dogs in your vehicle, you’ll be spending a lot of time in a small space. Having a smaller space also means limiting the equipment you have. You won’t have much room to carry spare instruments or a wide variety of them. Once you get good at what you do, and accrue a loyal list of clientele, you’ll know exactly how to customize your vehicle for the day. Swapping out equipment once you know what to expect is the mark of an experienced groomer. Regardless, deciding if you’re comfortable with a small work environment is possibly the biggest consideration to make when considering mobile grooming.

Less Opportunity for Business Expansion

Unfortunately, running a mobile grooming business makes it hard to expand. Hiring employees, offering special services, or selling additional products are often off the table or expensive to do. For example, you can only fit one groomer in a van. So in order to hire employees, you’d need to invest in more vehicles! If you only want a small business or are willing to put lots of money into expanding, this may not be a problem.

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