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I Graduated from Dog Grooming School – Now What?

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I have business cards that I hand out to dog owners. I ask stores if they wouldn’t mind handing some out and give a bunch to family and friends so they can give some out, too. The more you get your name out there, the more that people will be interested in what you do for them. It’s even better if people can see you wearing branded clothing for your business as they can come up to you and ask you about it in person!

I created an Instagram page to follow dog and industry pages. But by also following your friends and making cute posts, they might be more interested in what you do. I believe it’s all about getting your name out there!

Be Yourself

Showing off your technical knowledge and how much you care for each and everyone’s dog makes them much more willing to come to you for their grooming needs. Most people just want to know that their babies are in the best hands so they don’t have to worry.

And always be totally and completely honest with them. If they ask how their pup did during the appointment, don’t be afraid to say, “Lucy didn’t like her nails being done today, but that’s something we can work on in the future”. This way, they’ll know you are going to take the time to work with their dog next time they come in.

It’s all about communicating with your client and gaining knowledge about their dogs so you can better serve them. We all know you chose this career path because you love dogs, so why not show it? When you do, I promise you they’ll be back!

Benefits of experience

To be honest, when I finished my dog grooming course, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. But it’s been 7 months since I’ve received my certificate, and I’ve learned so much from working and grooming many different dogs.—it’s been GREAT!

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