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How To Keep A Dog Still During Exams

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Keep A Dog Still
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Dogs wiggle and wag; it’s part of being a dog. Those wiggles can make veterinary examinations challenging though, especially during eye exams, ear checks and temperature checks. Next time you bring your dog to the vet, try this easy trick to keep your dog still and happily busy while your veterinarian does her magic.

Food Stuffed Kong & Tire Toy

It sounds like a crazy combination, but it works wonders. 🙂 Simply place the food filled Kong inside the tire toy and voila! The tire toy will hold the Kong in place, and at the right angle, so your dog can happily lick away while your vet examines him. Plus, your veterinarian or vet tech can move the toy around the exam table as needed.

Filling Kongs

Stuff a large Kong toy with delicious food, such as cream cheese, squeeze cheese, peanut butter, canned dog food, honey or anything else your dog absolutely adores. It’s important to completely fill up the Kong toy with food to make it last during the vet exam.

The night before your dog’s vet visit, fill 1-2 Kongs and refrigerate. Before your dog’s visit, place both food filled toys inside a plastic zip bag, grab the tire toy and a few yummy treats to reward good behavior (not the scale).

Kong Tire Toy

The Kong Company sells a tire toy that works perfectly as a Kong holder. Simply place a large food stuffed Kong inside the tire toy, and offer it to your dog. For smaller dogs, medium Kongs work well too, but they’re held at a lower angle. If the tire toy moves a bit, while your dog is licking it, place it on a towel or rubber mat.

Why Use Food During Vet Visits?

Let’s face it, no one enjoys bringing their dog to the veterinary clinic. Dogs stress out, so pet owners learn to dread vet visits too. When pairing good things with something scary, dogs learn that good things happen around scary things. Think about it this way: If $100 bills rained from the sky during blood draws, we would all line up to give blood. Once your dog learns that fun things happen during veterinary visits, he’ll be excited to walk through the door and veterinary visits become stress-free.

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