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How to Handle Bad Reviews For Your Dog Grooming Business

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If the client wanted a little length taken off but the dog was pretty matted, I am most likely going to shave the dog and start fresh. Those mats have already been pulling on the skin for far too long. So when the client picks up, I tell them the situation I had to deal with. I’d tell them that the best option for their pet was to start fresh and take them short.

If the owner is upset at all, I’d simply tell them that I did what was best for their dog. Then, I would let them know that we could get them on a grooming schedule to make sure they get what they want out of the groom. I find that as long as you explain why you did something the way you did, they will almost all the time be okay with it.

Once in a while. you might get that one client who wouldn’t be okay. But as long as you know that you did the best you could for the dog, then I think that is a pretty good feeling knowing that.

Turning It Into A Positive Thing

Whenever I get a bad review or if my grooming client didn’t like something I did during my groom, I almost always try to a positive approach. When you’re in the moment, it may be hard to do. But one way I look at it is, okay, what I can take from this? How I can improve my grooms using this feedback?

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