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Finding Deals on Products for Your Dog Grooming Kit

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Keep an eye out for good-quality used items

Speaking of looking to other groomers… watch out for good quality used items! Obviously, don’t go buying half-used bottles of flea shampoo. But you might be able to find used equipment like grooming tables, harnesses, and even clippers that you can disinfect and put to good use!

You might be wondering, who would get rid of a perfectly good grooming table?! The answer is simple! Anyone who is downsizing their salon, retiring from grooming or even just upgrading to fancier equipment is going to want to get rid of their stuff! And if it’s still in good shape, why not try to sell it to a groomer in need?

It’s important to note that you should make sure you can actually go see and touch the item before buying it. That’s why sites like Kijiji or EBay’s Classified Ads can work well since you usually browse ads from people in your area.

Look into wholesalers in your area

Wholesalers are companies who sell products in high quantities at lower prices. They usually aim to serve retailers or other large-scale operations. Looking into grooming wholesalers, either online or in your area, can be a great resource to find products for your salon – like shampoos and conditioners – that you go through quickly. And if you think there is too much product for you to handle, join up with another groomer or two to share the cost and the quantity!

If you’re considering offering any special services in your salon, like selling treats, toys, brushes, and other dog-related goodies, wholesalers are definitely something you need to look into.

Here are a few online wholesalers to check out:

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