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Dog Groomers, Beware of These 3 Nightmare Clients!

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They may want us to drop everything we were doing to make them our first priority.

The second someone walks into the grooming shop, we try to help them right away. But if we have a dog in the tub or a dog on our table, they shouldn’t be left alone. Especially if they have grooming anxiety or any physical disabilities.

It’ll be hard to assist new clients right away when you have some shuffling to do. Even if you can tell that they want to be helped right away or are in a rush, attend to your dog first. Your first priority is the dog you are grooming and making sure they are safe.

3.      Clients Who Bad-Mouth Your Dog Grooming Business

These clients can be detrimental to your confidence and the work environment. You will, without a doubt, work with awesome clients. But be prepared for those who hide behind their phone to say what they wouldn’t say to you face-to-face. Here are some situations where I have come across these types of clients:

Clients who love your grooming job in the shop but write a nasty review at home.

As soon as I complete a groom, I will ask the owner what they think. I’ll be open to their suggestions if they want me to fix anything. In this scenario, the client may say, “No, it looks great. She’s so cute!” and then tip you.

The next day or so later, you discover the bad review they left you on Google or Facebook. They say something along the lines of, “The cut was not what I wanted. It was uneven, and I won’t be going back.” Okay, folks, this is pretty devastating. But how are you supposed to evolve and improve if no one tells you face-to-face that they don’t like something?

I wish so deeply that people would speak up and point things out. That’s how we learn as groomers! We need those comments to help us become more confident and work on certain techniques.

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