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Do I NEED to Attend a Dog Grooming Academy to Become a Dog Groomer?

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Are online dog grooming courses worth it?

When you conduct a search on dog grooming academies on Google, you’ve probably seen entries for online dog grooming courses.  Should you take your aspirations to an online dog grooming academy or a brick-and-mortar school? It all comes down to the amount of flexibility you need, your learning habits, and where you live!

If you work full-time, have a family, or have other social or personal commitments you just can’t put off, online schooling is for you! You won’t have to worry about commuting or sticking to a rigid class schedule. Many online dog grooming schools are self-paced. You’ll be able to work on the course whenever you have the time. That means you won’t ever have to make a tough decision between your priorities—you can do it all!

Are you a visual learner? Do you often need a lot of time to self-study to really get to know the material? Often, an instructor at a brick-and-mortar institution will only perform the groom once or twice. If you’re the kind of person who has a keen eye for detail and want to get it all right, online videos allow you unlimited playback ability. No more worrying about your instructor going too fast!

Finally, it comes down to where you live. If you live in small town or rural area without a dog grooming school near you, online learning is a great choice. You won’t have to relocate to pursue an excellent education. You can just simply log in and start learning—that’s it!

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