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Busting Myths About Online Dog Grooming School

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What this means for those researching dog grooming schools online is that it’s totally okay to do your training via distance education. When you find a good course, you’ll learn all about dog anatomy, dog behaviors, and grooming different breeds. The trick is to do your research! Don’t fall for any courses that seem too good to be true—they likely are! Find course overviews and examine what you’ll be learning. A good course will have a balance of both theory and practical assessments.

You won’t get hands-on experience

Speaking of practical assignments, this is the biggest myth of all! You can totally gain real, hands-on experience from an online dog grooming course. There are still a lot of misconceptions about the nature of learning online.

Online education refers to the platform you use to learn. From reading texts, watching videos, submitting assignments, and receiving your grades—it’s all digital! You will be completing short answer assignments and multiple choice quizzes; however, you’ll also be expected to groom live dogs! You’re expected to find dogs that fulfill many different criteria. With so many breeds out there, you’ll need to practice grooming a variety of dogs so that you can handle every dog that walks into your salon. Without this type of hands-on training, you won’t be ready for the industry.

So worry not! All genuine dog grooming certification courses will offer you practical experience!

Myths about the grooming process:

In addition to myths about online dog grooming education, there are even more myths about the grooming process. In fact, many novice groomers may carry some of these misconceptions even despite starting their professional training. The key to becoming an expert in anything is education. So we’re going to take you through a couple major myths that need resolving—stat!

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