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Best Dog Food for Senior Boxers

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We’ve already discussed senior dog food for large breed dogs, so lets’ get a little more specific. Over the next several articles, we’ll be getting into specifics regarding food as it relates to certain dog types and breeds, starting with the best dog food for your senior boxer. I’ve already done one on senior dogs, as well as a post on small breed dogs and the aforementioned large breed dog. While breed-specific food isn’t really necessary, different dogs do have different needs. These tips will help you navigate the dog aisle and figure out which is best for your pooch.

Best Dog Food For Senior Boxers

Today, our specific focus is going to be on Boxers and the things to look for in a food for them when they reach their golden years. As in all of these articles, I’ll be going over what to look for in a food, not specific foods. I’m not big on recommending exact brands. Instead, I want to give you the knowledge you need to make your own choices about what will work for you. So let’s get into it.

Reduced Calorie

All senior dogs, regardless of the breed, require fewer calories than young dogs. They’re getting slower, and even if they still have most of the energy they did as pups, their metabolisms are slowing down. They simply don’t need as many calories. Almost all senior dog food is made with a lower caloric content, but be sure to check just the same.

Don’t Sacrifice Protein and Fat

As with all older dogs, you don’t want a food that sacrifices protein and fat content for fewer calories. Dogs are carnivores at their core. At any age, their bodies need adequate protein and fat to maintain a healthy body weight and adequate muscle mass. Look for foods that retain a high protein and fat ratio.


Senior boxers are on the larger side, so look for a dog food that leans heavily on omega fatty acids for joint health. This can be a dog food with fish as the main protein source or a dog food with added omega 3 and 6 fatty acids from other sources. Some senior foods even have added glucosamine to support joint health. This is a serious bonus for your Boxer.

Skin and Coat Support

This is another reason to look for a food high in omega fatty acids. Boxers are more susceptible to skin problems than some other breeds, so make sure you don’t sacrifice those omegas when looking for a senior dog food.

Heart Health

Boxers are more prone to certain heart issues, and while most of them are congenital, it doesn’t hurt to choose a senior dog food which supports heart health. I sound like a broken record at this point… BUT… Omega fatty acids are excellent for heart health as well as joint and skin health.


Boxers are more apt to develop certain cancers than other breeds. As you may or may not know, cancers are basically the body’s cells going haywire. Free radicals have been linked to cancers, so it follows that free radical destroying compounds would be helpful. Antioxidants are exactly that. They destroy free radicals. Look for senior dog food with antioxidant rich ingredients like blueberries for added protection against cancers.

Senior Dog Food for Your Senior Boxer – Make an Educated Choice

As always, in addition to all the information provided above, talk with your vet. Posts like this one should only be used as an educational tool, not a guide. This information is accurate, but your senior dog food search should be captained by your vet. Their years of experience will help you find an excellent food to keep your Boxer excellent health.

Have you already found the best dog food for senior boxers? Share your tips in the comments!


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