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Banish Stinky Pet Odors with These 5 Tricks

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To use, mix pure white vinegar into a spray bottle in a 1:1 ratio with water. If you’ve never used vinegar before, don’t try it with other varieties—rice, wine, apple cider, etc. Stick to the pure white 2L jugs! You may be wondering how vinegar, something that smells so strong be a deodorizer. But the scent of vinegar actually fades pretty quickly. If you can’t stand the smell, just spray down the affected areas, and prop open the windows to air it all out!

Baking soda:

To use, evenly coat the odorous areas with a layer of baking soda—don’t be stingy with the amount! Let it stand for an hour, and then vacuum it up. This works on carpets and sofas! You may want to circle back to the vinegar if you have a particularly stubborn odor stain.

Bring in the big guns

Perhaps there’s a urine stain that’s never been removed. The longer urine sits on the carpet, the more it seeps deeper and deeper into the foundations of the home. It may even seep into the hardwood underneath! In these cases, the natural solutions may do little to rid your home of the stench.

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