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Ask these 4 Questions before Enrolling in an Online Dog Grooming School

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When I tell people that I became a certified dog groomer online, they are always in shock. They always have so many questions like, “How did you learn everything?” or “How did that affect your work and personal life?” and so on.

Honestly, enrolling with an online dog grooming school was probably the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I did a lot of research to ensure I chose the right pet grooming academy. Here are some of the key questions I asked myself during the research process!

1. What are the pros and cons of attending an online school vs. a physical school?

When I was looking somewhere to get certified, I had considered online courses over actually going to a physical location to learn. Where I live in Regina, Canada, there aren’t many options to go to school for a dog grooming course. So my boss and I did tons of research and asked around to see if anyone knew of an online dog grooming school.

I couldn’t afford to take a bunch of months off work to go to school, nor did I have a ton of money to spend on the course. The schools here in Regina would have cost me double to attend in addition to requiring me to take 3 months off work—so that was kind of a no-go.

Once I found QC Pet Studies, I started looking into what they offered and discovered how reasonably priced the course was. I was sold! Included in your course materials package were instructional books and a professional dog grooming kit to help start you off. I didn’t have to take anytime off and got to do school work whenever I had a chance to. For me, the online course was the perfect fit.

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