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Asian Fusion Pet Styling (Part 1 of 3-Part Series: The Body)

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rev-asian-fusion-w-pinaAsian Fusion is the new styling trend that is taking America by storm. Owners are seeing it all over their social media feeds. Their neighbor’s dogs are sporting the style. If you haven’t yet had a request for this fun, new hairstyle – it won’t be long before you will. Are you ready?

What is Asian Fusion? It’s based on extremes. It’s common to see ultra-short fur on the body combined with much longer coat in other areas. It shies away from classic breed standards and focuses on balance. Some of the styles are over-the-top and not suitable for everyday pets, but there many styles which would work for pet owners.

In this lesson, Irina “Pina” Pinkusevich, demonstrates one of her favorites Asian styles. This trim is easy to do. It’s practical. It’s appealing. And it’s a low maintenance haircut for the owner. Even though this trim is quick, it gives the full essence of the Asian style.

Pina walks you through this entire haircut. If you apply these concepts, it’s easy to turn a simple pet haircut into something unique with a bit more style.

For the haircut, she uses short guard combs on the body. As she gets into the fuller styled legs, she switches to scissors, blenders, and chunkers.

Throughout the entire lesson, Pina shares her favorite products and tools to get the job accomplished in no time.

In this lesson, you will learn:

  • pricing suggestions for Asian influenced trim styles.
  • how long this type of trim should take to complete.
  • classic components of Asian Fusion styling.
  • a helpful trick for the owners when dealing with the dog’s muzzle.
  • how to create a fun ear style creating harmony with the overall haircut.

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