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Approaching Pet Owners to Find Dogs for Your Grooming Courses

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Be transparent with the details of your groom

Don’t just whisk away their beloved pets without giving them any details. Most pet owners don’t like to be surprised at the end of a groom!

Basically, give them the 5Ws: who, what, when, where, why… and also discuss how you’re going about the groom. Show them that you’re knowledgeable about safe grooming practices. As a dog grooming student from a credible dog grooming school, you should discuss every aspect of the groom with them beforehand. They also must sign a waiver, so take the time to answer any questions they may have about the grooming process.

And don’t forget to remind them that the groom will be free, since it’s part of your on-going training!

Learn how to take “no” for an answer

In many cases, you’ll have pet owners who would love to take advantage of a free groom. However, you’ll also run into your fair share of owners who don’t wish to have their pet practiced on—and that’s fine!

Not everyone will be comfortable with the groom. And sometimes the reason is that their pups may be new or anxious about grooms in general. If that’s the case, trust the owner’s judgment. The last thing you want is for someone or the dog to get hurt.

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