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A Dog Groomer Answers Her 4 Most-Asked Grooming Questions

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If I’ve never worked with your dog before, I wouldn’t know first-hand the dog’s prior experiences with grooming. So, I’ll ask you questions like…

  • Has he had a bad experience before?
  • Did another groomer accidentally cut him?
  • How does he act after the grooming appointment at home?

All these questions will help give me an idea of where their dog’s dislike of grooms stems from. Give as much information to your dog groomer as possible. They’ll be able to work with the dog to give him some extra reassurance during the groom.

I groom a couple of dogs that I am still working on acclimatizing them to the dog grooming process. One of them, for instance, would not let me touch her legs the first time I groomed her. Now, she is starting to be more comfortable with me handling them and scissoring them. Be patient, it just takes a little time!

Can I shave my double-coated dog?

This has been a popular question lately. As a newbie groomer a couple of years ago, I didn’t really know how to answer this question.

Before attending a dog grooming academy, I would shave a Golden Retriever right down to the skin. I never really understood why they never looked good shaved or why it was such hard work to shave those coats. Now that I have graduated from a dog grooming course and have salon experience, I know why I should never shave double-coated dogs.

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