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87 Best Dog Names that Mean “Strong” for 2019

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Strong is often a great descriptor when it comes to discussing our four-legged friends. Whether you’re talking about being strong physically, strong in personality or character (we all know some of those), or strong in affection and commitment to your family—we know a lot of pups who exemplify this word.

With that in mind, we wanted to offer up some options for you when it comes to naming your dog something “strong/strength-inspired”. You can name your dog some variation of the word “strong” in another language, give them a moniker that describes an essential element of strength (think Biggie, Beast, or Heart), or honor them with the name of a super-strong character from pop culture.


However you decide to celebrate your strong pet, we hope that you find the name that is truly fitting for them. Looking for a little more guidance? We’ve rounded up a few lists that might give you a strong nudge in the right direction. Happy name-hunting!

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Strong dog names

Dog names meaning strong can come from a variety of different languages and cultures. If you want your dog’s name to translate to “strong” you’ve definitely got some options. Check out these names from around the world:

  1. Oscar: Hebrew, translates to “divine strength”
  2. Takeo: Japanese, translates to “warrior, strong like bamboo”
  3. Remo: Greek, translates to “the strong one”
  4. Ekon: African, translates to “strong”
  5. Maude: German, translates to “mighty battler”
  6. Audie: English, translates to “noble strength”
  7. Conall: Gaelic, translates to “strong wolf”
  8. Andrei: Russian, translates to “strong, manly”
  9. Neron: Spanish, translates to “strong”
  10. Filomena: Greek, translates to “friend of strength”
  11. Jayce: Cherokee, translates to “strong”
  12. Alcander: Greek, translates to “strong”
  13. Farris: English, translates to “iron strong”
  14. Karla: French, translates to “strong”
  15. Kaori: Japanese, translates to “strong”
  16. Shylah: Irish, translates to “strong”
  17. Amari: African-Yoruba, translates to “strength”
  18. Valentina: Latin, translates to “strong, healthy”
  19. Ethan: Hebrew, translates to “strong”
  20. Boris: Russian, translates to “fighter”
  21. Hartman: English, translates to “strong, hardy”
  22. Makin: Arabic, translates to “strong”
  23. Abira: Hebrew, translates to “strong”
  24. Jedrek: Polish, translates to “strong man”
  25. Magnar: Norwegian, translates to “strong”
  26. Nina: Native American, translates to “strong”
  27. Conley: Irish, translates to “strong-willed”
  28. Griffin: Welsh, translates to “strong lord”
  29. Kari: French, translates to “strong”
  30. Archard: German, translates to “strong”
  31. Isla: German, translates to “strong-willed”
  32. Maiti: Irish, translates to “strong battle maiden”
  33. Badu: African, translates to “one who is strong”

More strong dog names

Looking for something else? Rover’s giant dog name database has plenty of options inspired by the strength, courage, and devotion of our furry friends. We’ve also gathered together some of our “strongest” dog names for you to peruse! These puppy names may not literally mean “strong,” but they allude to strength, loyalty, and power.

  • Tuffy
  • Beast
  • Mack (like the truck!)
  • Porkchop
  • Pistol
  • Knuckles
  • Tank
  • King
  • Lady
  • Biggie
  • Duke
  • Rebel
  • Bear
  • Heart
  • Flash
  • Boss
  • Bourbon
  • Ninja
  • Spike
  • Trooper
  • Warrior
  • Jaws
  • Thor
  • Crash
  • Rogue
  • Sarge
  • Bruiser

Strong dog names inspired by pop culture

You’ll also find plenty of wonderful “strong” name possibilities if you turn to film and literature. Many of the most beloved characters are excellent inspirations for your pet’s name. Here are just a few of our favorite options:

  • Arya (from Game of Thrones)
  • Falcor (from The Never-ending Story)
  • Hercules
  • Zelda
  • Indiana (Indiana Jones)
  • Thor
  • Chewie (from Star Wars)
  • Simba
  • Yoda (from Star Wars)
  • Rambo
  • Potter (Harry Potter)
  • Lara (Lara Croft)
  • Xena (Warrior Princess)
  • Hulk
  • Robin Hood
  • Ghost (from Game of Thrones)
  • Chopper (from Stand by Me)

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10 most popular dog names inspired by strength

These strength-inspired dog names were all given by real dog owners. They’re ranked in order of popularity in Rover’s data.

  • Bear
  • Zeus
  • Moose
  • Thor
  • Apollo
  • Princess
  • Athena
  • Tank
  • Ranger
  • Angel

Dog naming advice

Even if you didn’t find anything on these lists that really tickled your fancy, never fear—we have more inspirational lists for you! Maybe your dog is feeling a little more country? Or the maybe you just want to see what the most popular names of 2018 were, and use those for inspiration? Regardless of what you decide on, there are a few things that are great to keep in mind when you’re naming your pet:

  • Get to know your pup. Take the time to really get to know your dog before giving them a name that they’ll have forever! It’s important to find a moniker that truly fits their personality—which you’re going to need a little time to discover.
  • Don’t confuse them! Names that are too close to simple training commands can make things very confusing for your dog. For example, if you name your dog “Bay”, you’re going to have some trouble once they’re trying to learn how to “stay”. Just something to keep in mind.
  • Make sure you love it. Don’t feel pressured into a name you’re not crazy about! You’re going to be using this name for a long time, so you want to make sure that you’re happily calling out to your dog for many years to come.

Learn more about dog names with Rover

Looking for more dog naming inspiration? At Rover, we’ve got articles covering every dog you can think of, inspired by so many things! Name categories include Harry Potter-inspired names, unique dog names, and the best black and white dog names. Now, get out there and discover the name that best suits you and your beloved pet.


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