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6 Ways to DESTROY Your Dog Grooming Equipment

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4.      Not sanitizing your professional dog grooming kit

It’s always a good idea to keep lots of cleaning and disinfecting solution on hand. After every appointment, I spray and wipe down my grooming table with essential oils or bleach. I usually only bleach my table at the end of the day or if I have a break between appointments. This allows the table to dry properly and the smell won’t be overpowering for myself, other groomers, and the dogs.

To clean my scissors, combs, brushes, and sometimes my blades, I use Barbicide. It’s a disinfectant liquid for your tools. If you have a jar of it you can keep your scissors in there and then just spray down your brushes. I even sometimes use Lysol wipes for the handles of the brushes and even my handheld clipper. You never know what can be lingering on them!

5.      Not cleaning often

It’s important to clean your tools regularly to prevent diseases form spreading and to extend the life of your tools. The frequency I clean my dog grooming kit depends on how many dogs I groom in a day or week.

If I’m not too busy with grooms for a couple of days, I’ll skip cleaning them until the end of the week when I do my deep clean routine. If I’m busy, I will clean them every other day or so, and give them a deep clean at the end of the week. Even if you notice something getting dirty, don’t be afraid to wipe it down. The cleaner your tools, the better!

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