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6 Halloween Safety Tips for your Pets

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Halloween Night

Now, let’s move on to our tips for the night-of. Because the activities typical of Halloween involve indoor and outdoor environments, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of keeping them indoors or letting them outside. Let’s take a look at these scenarios…

Ready your dog ahead of time

One of the biggest traditions of Halloween is the parade of young trick-or-treaters after sunset. But even if it was a highlight of your childhood, it may not be a pleasant experience for you puppy pal. The frequently ringing doorbell and strangely outfitted humans at the front door can be troubling for your pet.

Even the calmest dog can become frightened by the barrage of strange sounds and sights. If you plan on handing out candy, you may wish to condition them ahead of time. In the coming days, start ringing the doorbell ahead of entering your home. You can then reward them once they see you. They’ll learn to associate the ringing doorbell with a positive experience. It’ll ease them of worry or anxiety on the day it really counts!

And make sure your treats are placed out of reach for your curious pup! More on this later…

Decorate with caution

Thick cobwebs, burnt skeletons, and carved pumpkins are everywhere this time of year. Even if you are a pet owner, you are still entitled to decorate your home. But when you have pets that love exploring and playing with new toys, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind when decorating.

Untrained dogs and newborn pups will likely get their paws (and jaws) on a few items they’re not supposed to. You’ve probably covered the bases when it comes to loose charging cables and electrical outlets. But in the spirit of decorating, it’s easy to overlook how they will react with new items around the house! Evaluate each aspect of your decor and see how they act. You never know what will send your pup into a frenzy of excitement, so be careful when introducing new stimuli. Use their reactions as a benchmark for Christmas, too!

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