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50 Best Small Dog Names for 2018

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Small dogs are popular for a reason—they’re great companions, easy to travel with, and cute as can be. Among the most well-known include breeds like the Chihuahua, Yorkshire terrier, shih tzu, Maltese, and dachshund, though that’s only the beginning! Despite their size, small dogs can have big personalities. That’s why we’ve given a lot of thought to this list of best small dog names. There’s variety to fit any dog, from a cute Huckleberry to a feisty Xena.

We selected these small dog names by digging through our Rover.com database of dog names nationwide. Many of these names are unique, while a others show up on the list of top 100 dog names.

Naming your small dog is just the beginning of your journey together! Use your imagination, have fun, and be sure to check out our other dog name articles for more ideas.

50 Best Small Dog Names

  1. Apple
  2. Archie
  3. Athena
  4. Bean
  5. Betsy
  6. Button
  7. Chico
  8. Coco
  9. Cricket
  10. Daisy
  11. Dash
  12. Dobby
  13. Elsie
  14. Eggroll
  15. Fiona
  16. Gatsby
  17. Gimli
  18. Hercules (the irony!)
  19. Huckleberry (Huck)
  20. Ivy
  21. Isabel (Izzy)
  22. Jazz (Jazzy)
  23. Jett
  24. Kai
  25. Loki
  26. Marshmallow
  27. Maverick
  28. Micro
  29. Nacho
  30. Oliver
  31. Otto
  32. Peanut
  33. Pippin (Pip)
  34. Pixie
  35. Poppy
  36. Primrose (Prim)
  37. Quark
  38. Rhubarb (Ruby)
  39. Rocket
  40. Roo
  41. Starlet
  42. Sprout
  43. Thimble
  44. Toby
  45. Tucker
  46. Uno
  47. Willow
  48. Xena
  49. Zephyr
  50. Ziggy

Still not satisfied? The best small dog names don’t necessarily have to say anything about your dog’s size. A sweet name like Rosie, or a silly name like Noodles, might be perfect for your pet. Why? Because the best small dog names are the names that fit the individual dog.

For more inspiration and ideas, check out our list of unique names for dogs, along with cute choices, tough dog names, and many more.


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