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5 Things You Don’t Expect to Learn at an Online Dog Grooming School

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You’ll also learn about a dog’s range of motion. Some dogs, such as Dachshunds, won’t be able to climb or jump high. Meanwhile, senior dogs may have arthritis and can’t stand during the whole grooming process. These considerations will affect how you manipulate their limbs to groom tricky areas. Your online dog grooming course will go through the typical dog’s range of motion, with consideration to breed, health issues, age, and lifestyle.

First Aid

Not all dog grooming courses will offer free first aid education, let alone its own course. By learning dog first aid, you’ll be confident in your own abilities after graduation. Nothing takes off the pressure of handling a living, breathing, animal than knowing what to do in case something goes awry!

In your First Aid for Groomers course, you’ll learn how to prevent and respond to accidents. Remember, no matter how much you prepare, there’s always a chance of an accident occurring. You’ll also learn how to identify popular pet afflictions, medical conditions, and their symptoms. And you’ll learn how to care for dogs during an accident, including rescue breathing, CPR, and wound care.

Client relations

This is very important. Dog owners are very particular about their pets. When you’re a dog groomer, you have two types of clients you must serve—the dog and their owner. As the expert, you may make choices that benefit the well-being of the dog that the owner might not want. You may encounter a frustrated dog owner who may leave you your first bad review.

When this happens, you’ll learn how to evaluate the situation from an objective perspective. Did you make a mistake? Or are they being tough and unfair? Whatever happens, you must act professionally. Dog grooming courses with business training will let you in on the secret to keeping clients happy while doing right by their dogs!

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