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4 Rules You MUST Follow When Grooming a Dog

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4.      Dealing with Anxiety & Special Needs Dogs

When grooming, you’ll most definitely see dogs with anxiety. You’ll learn to identify the elements they need a hand with. Anxiety in dogs is very common—we see it every day. Some dogs show it more than others, while others just hide in a corner until their owners pick them up again. Whichever the case may be, always be aware of it.

A lot of times, we will see it in bigger dogs that haven’t been groomed before, have had very little grooming experience, or once had a bad experience. Whichever it may be, take your time. Talk to the dog, and make him feel comfortable. Ensure the grooming process is quick while also doing a good job.

I have groomed dogs with one eye, dogs that are blind, a dog that had 3 legs, a dog that just had back surgery, etc. There are all these potential dogs you could be grooming, and they all need different things from you. What I normally do when I’m drying a dog is think about how I’m going to handle them. I think about how I am going to make their grooming process better, and make sure I help them out.

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