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3 Unexpectedly Indulgent Ways to Bond with Your Dog

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Vita Bone®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Between work and family obligations, finding time to really bond with your dog can be a challenge. Sure, we take them for quick walks and give them a good snuggle at least once a day, but how often do we get to just chill with our pups and forget about the rest of the world? Here’s an idea: schedule a “date” with your dog! Check these three indulgent ways to bond together during your doggy date night!

Indulgent Ways to Bond with Your Dog

1- BBQ for Two

Crisp fall evenings are the perfect time for firing up the grill and having one last BBQ. Invite Fido along! Even if it’s just the two of you, it’s a great way to treat yourself to a delicious dinner and spend some time with your pooch outdoors before the weather turns cold.

Looking for new ways to bond with your dog? Check out these three unexpectedly indulgent ways Vita Bone biscuits can help!

Of course, once your dog smells all those delicious aromas, he’ll want a taste of your dinner. Rather than handing over some of your people food (which could be dangerous depending on how you marinate it), hand over a tasty BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato flavor biscuit from Vita Bone. It smells just like the real thing, so I imagine it must taste like it, too. Obviously, I didn’t taste them, but my dogs are crazy about this flavor. 

2- A Sunrise Breakfast

Okay, so getting up before the sun may not sound very indulgent, but trust me, there’s nothing like it. I’m not what you’d call a morning person by a long shot, but for some reason I find myself up at 7AM even on the weekends. The only good part about that is being able to see the sun rise! I have a fenced in yard, so I like to sit out on my deck with my dog Mocha (Freya sleeps in with my mom) first thing in the morning to catch the sun coming up over the trees. Most days, I just drink coffee, but sometimes I like to take a bowl of hot oatmeal out with me for breakfast.


For Mocha’s sunrise treat, she indulges in delicious Maple Bacon & Blueberry flavor Vita Bone biscuits. They also happen to be my favorite as far as aroma goes! They smell just like blueberry pancakes with a side of bacon!

3- Dinner and a movie!

No, I’m not suggesting that you take your dog out to a fancy dinner and try to sneak him into the theater for a show! That wouldn’t go over too well with my dogs! They’d destroy the restaurant and bark at on-screen dogs the whole time! Instead, indulge in your favorite comfort foods, then snuggle up on the couch with your pooch and finally watch one of those movies on your long to-watch list. Go ahead and pick the cheesiest one, we won’t tell!


The key to making this an indulgence (versus just another Friday night) is to make a meal that you normally wouldn’t make for yourself. I’m thinking turkey and stuffing, or biscuits and gravy! Your pooch can get in on the fun with comfort food flavors from Vita Bone, like Turkey Pot Roast & Red Potato or Sausage & Gravy flavor soft treats.


Vita Bone biscuits are definitely high on my dogs’ list of new favorites. They really loved all of the artisan flavors. In fact, Freya loved them so much that she tried to run off with the bag! When her box arrived (she LOVES getting boxes in the mail), I put everything out to show her. She grabbed a bag and started to take off with it! The look in her eyes says “I feel guilty about this, but I’m doing it anyway because these smell awesome!”


I was super surprised by how much each treat smells like its flavor. Yes, I actually stuck my nose in the bag to find out! They really do smell terrific. I’m almost tempted to try them myself. Almost! Vita Bone treats come in 5 different flavors and two varieties (three biscuits and two soft treats). They include:

  • BBQ Chicken & Sweet Potato flavor biscuits
  • Maple Bacon & Blueberry flavor biscuits
  • Turkey Stuffing & Cranberry flavor biscuits
  • Country Biscuits, Sausage & Gravy flavor soft treats
  • Turkey Pot Roast & Red Potato flavor soft treats

While my dogs are all about the flavor, I love the fact that they’re made with real meat, fruit and veggies with no corn, soy, or by-products and no artificial flavors. This is super important to me because Mocha has skin sensitivities that are aggravated by certain ingredients. Vita Bone biscuits are all sourced and made in America, another thing that we look for in our dog treats. The company has been family-owned since 1972. The best news: you can find Vita Bone treats at Walmart and walmart.com, or in grocery stores all across the US. I love being able to get high-quality treats at stores where I’m already shopping for my own groceries. Saves me a lot of time!

Learn more about Vita Bone and Find a store near you! Be sure to Print a coupon before you head out to shop!

Do you have any favorite indulgent ways to bond with your dog? Share below!

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