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3 Time Traps Where New Dog Groomers Often Fall Behind

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Underestimating the timeline of the grooming process

When I first started grooming, it probably took me two hours to groom a little dog. I took my time because I wanted everything to be perfect! The slower you work on your first dogs, the better your techniques in the long run. It enables you to focus on what you need to practice on and master the skills you know you already got down pat.

I hope you never feel like you’re being rushed with your first couple grooms. Don’t compare your own pace to those of other experienced groomers. When you’re just learning, of course, it’s going to take a bit longer to complete a groom. Your mentor should help you out and be understanding about needing extra time to figure things out.

I’ve been working as a certified dog groomer for over a year now. And I don’t really have to think hard about each step anymore—I just do it. I have a routine, and I usually have a good idea of the haircut the owner wants for their dog when they explain it. So most of the time, I can fly through a groom.

Not scheduling enough time for each specific client

This is a huge one! Each individual dog will have different grooming needs. You need to schedule your day with consideration of the type of dog that’s coming in that day. Knowing how to schedule your day using this knowledge will help you pace your day, and you won’t feel rushed.

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