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3 Dog Grooming Business Apps That’ll Make Your Life Easier

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Besides a great work ethic and superior skills, you also need to make sure your client experience is top-notch. But don’t sacrifice the functionality of your website and booking systems for aesthetics. What you actually need is something in-between to hit that sweet spot.

Toronto-based HappyGoMobile is a cloud business software that kills multiple birds with one stone. Powered by Google infrastructure, it connects groomers with their clients while also consolidating all your behind-the-scenes business tools into one hub. You can use this software to build your website, manage bookings, track dog health information, and invoice (and receive payments from) your clients.

You, the business owner, would subscribe to the manager account. You’ll be able to assign profiles to your individual clients. With their pet, client, and booking form templates, you can store all that information along with contracts, vaccination documents, and questionnaires of your canine clients. You can also track their grooming history and any other client notes, all in one place. Meanwhile, your clients can access booking history, book new services and see grooming reports for their pup on their end.

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