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13 Must-Haves for Your Dog Grooming Salon

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Smart Tools for Smooth Dog Grooming Appointments!

Working with dogs can be difficult sometimes. They have a mind of their own! Sometimes, they are scared, stressed, happy, excited—you name it, I’ve seen it all. It’s your job to handle your canine clients with care, no matter their emotional state. Here are a few things that help me work with anxious or aggressive dogs.

Dog treats

I keep a variety of yummy treats at the salon. Most of the time, giving them a treat will calm them down. So treats can help you to get the dog to come with you and leave their owner. Or, it can keep the dog distracted in the tub if the dog’s not a fan of baths. But if a dog is too stressed, it won’t eat anything.

Slip leashes

Slip leashes help you control those hard-to-catch pups. Sometimes, kneeling down and talking nicely to the pup doesn’t cut it. Not to mention that sometimes their regular leash can slip off when you’re leading the dog. But with this type of leash, it tightens up when the dog moves backwards, so they hesitate to run away.


Some people are totally against muzzles. I get that. But I also know that when used correctly and in the proper manner, they are a necessity to have. Sometimes they even help the dogs calm down, believe it or not. For us groomers, we try our hardest to not have to use them. But it’s a good tool to have on-hand, just in case.

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